To: "Singh, Anil" 
Subject: Re: configuration help

> Hi DBAs,
> Could any one help me in clarifying: 
> 1.  why  Oracle Corporation strongly discourages for  multiple databases
> with the same ORACLE_HOME         configuration ?.

Oracle ENCOURAGES multiple databases to use the same ORACLE_HOME. The only
exception is if you have different versions of the Oracle software (7.3.4
and 8.0.5 on the same server, for example).

Perhaps you are thinking of databases with the same ORACLE_SID. If two
databases are ever used by the same application, they should all have
unique ORACLE_SID values. For example, ODS_PROD, ODS_TEST, and ODS_DEV

> 2. What is the remedy or exact configuration , if  I want to run multiple
> databases in single
>     Sun Solaris machine . What I should do?.  At present I am running more
> than two databases with the same orcale_home
> without any problem.

Just follow OFA. This is all in the install docs for Sun Solaris. Make
sure that the databases are all in /etc/oratab and your
listener.ora/tnsnames.ora files. Also make sure that your kernel
parameters can handle the number of processes. There's a bunch more to it,
so be sure to reference your install guide.

> Thanks for help.
> Regards,
> Anil 

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