> Hi,
> In looking to an answer to my question I came across your web site.  It has
> a wealth of information in it that will really come in handy.  However, I
> did not find an answer to my question, maybe you can help. 
>    Do you know if there is a timestamp associated with a table each time
> there is a change such as delete, update, insert.
> I would like to know if the data in a table has changed since the last time
> I accessed it.
> My e-mail address is   TFelty@cpssys.com
>   Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!    --Tracy

Glad that you like my website and I hope you get more info from it. As for your
question, there is no way to determine the last update/insert/delete on a table
by default. What you have to do is use the AUDIT features of Oracle. It is
easy to understand and use. Basically, you can set an event such as an INSERT
to a particular table, and then information is added to an AUDIT TRAIL. The
AUDIT TRAIL can be either a table in Oracle or on the file system.

Information such as the timestamp and the user that issued the command is kept.
You can also add a trigger to the table (BEFORE INSERT, BEFORE UPDATE, etc.) to
make your own "auditing" functionality.

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-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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