> I have four tables in dBase IV (.dbf) format.  I would like to convert
> those tables into Oracle tables.  Is it possible to do this? If yes how
> do I go about doing this.  I found a book in a book store and it has
> very poor instruction on using SQL*Loader.  I tried to follow those
> instructions and created a contro file.  Then I started loader from dos
> and tried to convert files (control as well as DbaseIV files were in
> drive A:).  However the SQL*Loader failed to open the control file.
> Then I tried the same procedure using databese files in text format.
> But, loader again failed to load the control file.
> vpatel@jps.net
> Do you have any suggestions?  Your help in this matter will be very much
> appreciated.
You need to change the dBase IV files from .dbf format and export them into
an ASCII-delimited file. I am not familiar with the process in dBase IV.
Otherwise, you will have to use a program like Microsoft Access to import
the tables (into Access) and then export them into an ASCII-delimited file.

Once it is in ASCII format, you can then use SQL*Loader to load in the data.

Best of luck,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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