> Hi Ari,
> I have a tablespace fragmentation problem (large free space fragmented into
> small non-contiguous chunks of space) on an tablespace dedicated to indexes
> for all db schemas. While looking at your site, I found among the Oracle
> tips on your site the #67 one about Tablespace fragmentation.
> You answered that "Exporting, dropping, and importing everything will do the
> job." when Nadira Gangadhar talks about "exporting, dropping the tablespace,
> and importing" to defragment tablespaces.
> Does this mean that, in my case, I will have to export the whole database
> before dropping the tablespace, then re-import the whole database, to
> de-fragment one tablespace only?

You could do that, or find out which objects are in a tablespace (see below),
drop only those objects, coalesce the tablespace, and import only those
objects. It's trickier (you have to recompile any packages/procedures/triggers/
views that are dependent on the objects being dropped, if any).

> Another question: what would be the query to find out which objects are into
> a given tablespace?


WHERE TABLESPACE_NAME = 'tablespace_here';

> Thank you very much,
> Karina Chami
Best of luck,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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