On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Ama Sarpong wrote:
> Hello Ari
> How can I move data from access to oracle.  Have no clue.  I read
> the information in your feedback but it didn't help.  Can you give me
> from scratch what I am to do and how.
> Thanks
> Oracle 'babe'
To move data from Access to Oracle, you can do one of two things:

1) Make a link to an existing Oracle table from within Access. Go to
"File", "Get External Data", "Link Tables". Then use an ODBC driver
(Oracle has a 32-bit or you can use InterSolv's) to link to your database.
If you have not set up an ODBC driver before, you do this in "Control
Panel" and then click on the "ODBC" icon. Now that the Oracle table is
linked, you can do all Access functions on it (Append, SELECT, Reports,
Forms, etc.)

2) Export from Access to an ASCII delimited file. At this point, use
Oracle's SQL*Loader to load the data into Oracle.

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