MaNdRaKe ( wrote:
: I am running what I consider to be a moderate size database and having a
: lot of trouble
: trying to make it work on ORACLE 8.0 for Windows NT
: The size of the flat files add up to 500M there are 13 tables of varied
: sizes
: from 7 rows to 1.8M rows, the number of columns vary as well
: Can some one tell me What the maximum database size is in ORACLE 8.0 and
: waht teh maximum number of tables is and the maximum number of rolumns in a
: table and max rows per table are?
: I would really apreciate an answer to my newbee questions thnx in advance

The maximum database size is usually limited to the hardware. If you have
unlimited hardware, then the database can be about a petabyte (1000
terabytes). For your 500M application, this is certainly enough.

The maximum number of columns in a table is now 1000.
The maximum number of rows per table is basically unlimited. You can have
billions of rows if not more.

Best of luck,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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