: > We currently use RACF at the mainframe to set password expiration methods.
: >
: > We are about to move our Oracle Databas from the mainframe to AIX (IBM's
: > UNIX). Does anyone know a way or package that forces the end-users to change
: > their password after a certain period?
: >
: > Regards,
: > Reinier Muller
: > Senior System Engineer R&D
: Are you looking for the replacement of RACF at the connect/login time or at the
: application time? The last time I worked with RACF it was only for logging into
: a MVS system.  Going down that path, AIX does have password aging and users can
: be trapped into an application.  Now UNIX passwords and aging are far from the
: depth of RACF but there are products (Tivoli) that could add security to equal
: RACF2.

Within Oracle, this is only possible in Oracle8. You can set periods (30
days, etc) after which the user must change their password. You can do
other security tasks such as ensuring the password is at least 8
characters or has at least one digit, or prevent a user from logging in
for an hour after three unsuccessful attempts.

If anyone reading this is interested to learn more, I will be giving a
speech at the IOUG scheduled now for May 13th in Orlanda, Florida.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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