Satish Narasimha ( wrote:
: hello,
:    I am observing some strange behaviour in oracle can any body help
:  me how it is.
:   I have oracle 7.2 installed on Solaris sparc stations. 
:  1) First questions b'cos power failure my entire machine got
:     rebooted but immediately after the machine coming up i see that
:     sqlplus is still running...
:     I am not able to get the point how is this happening. I have 
:     observer this nearly two to three times. Can anybody help me on 
:     this.

You probably have an auto-start of the database when your Solaris sparc
boots up. This is usually in the /bin/init.d or /sbin/init.d directory.
Look for "dbstart" or "oracle" files.

If you do not want this to happen, you should change your "/etc/oratab"
file and put an "Y" next to the instances you DO want to come up, or a "N"
next to those that you do not.

:  2) After creating the new database and bringing up the database and 
:     running the sql file to create a profile i am getting the
:     error saying that "Table or view doesn't exist" and one more
:     thing is i am not able to start pl/sql can anybody help regarding
:     this.

You cannot start "PL/SQL". I assume that you mean "SQL*Plus". Check your
environment variables, most notably ORACLE_SID, ORACLE_HOME, and PATH. Be
sure that $ORACLE_HOME/bin is in the path, so that the sqlplus executable
will be found.
As for "Table or view doesn't exist", what table is this? Which file did
you run to create the profile? Most scripts DROP the table/view and then
CREATE the table/view. Thus, if it is the first time you run the script,
you will get a "Table/view does not exist" followed by a "Table/View

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:    If i get the solutions for both i will be thankful to them.
: From
: satish

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