> Hi,
> This is J. Haleem from Dubai.  You might have seen me in your Feedback
> form.  
> Well.  My problem is.
> Sudenly the server performance become sloooow.  I would like find which
> user occupy more space.  
> Warm Wishes,
> J. Haleem
Hi J. Haleem,

Greetings from Chicago, Illinois, America!

There are tons of things to look at when performance is slow.

- If you are in UNIX, type "top". This will tell you which processes are
  using the most CPU power.
- If you have cost-based optimizer mode on, make sure that the statistics on
  the tables have been recently calculated.
-  Use "explain plan" on any one query that is slow
-  Look at where your datafiles and redo logs are on the physical drives. If
   possible, spread them over several controllers and/or drives in the OFA
-  Look at your hit ratio, and if necessary increase the db_block_buffer
   init.ora parameter

These are just a few of the things you can check. If you need clarification
on any of these, I recommend reading "Oracle Tuning" by O'Reilly and Associates.

Best of luck.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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