> Dear sir,
> we work on a 24x7 system (called CMO) with a 7.3 Oracle database.
> The DB backup is performed through a commercial platform (Sun Solstice
> Backup)
> installed on CMO server; so scheduling, tape management etc are
> customized
> using the Backup platform.
> In field, when the CMO will be delivered, the CMO system should work
> with
> a generic system administrator, but a DBA is not in site, so it is not
> possible to monitor the DB as soon as a problem arises.
> The problem I have to solve is related to archived redo area saturation.
> Redos are backed up four times a day and a full DB backup is performed
> twice
> a week (the DB size is about 30GB).
> If for any problem the archived redo area becomes full, the DB hangs up.
> I must avoid this situation; and as the system is often unattended, I
> need 
> an automatic management of this situation.
> Redo backup can fail (for example, tape is switched off or there are no
> write
> permissions on tapes or ...) so the redo area is not cleaned up.
> The question is:
> how can I guarantee that the DB (in ARCHIVELOG mode, of course)
> works in any situation in automatic mode, with or without backups ?
> Keep in mind that the backup is considered only an optional feature, and
> the CMO system must work also without it, though DB is configured to
> work with.
> I don't know if you can provide me the solution (I hope yes); in any
> case
> I wish you address me to literature where a problem like this is
> treated.
> Best regards.
> -- Andrea Sciessere
> -- Etnoteam S.p.A. - Solutions from ICT
> -- asciessere@etnoteam.it

What you are experiencing is typical of many sites. As you noted, when the
archive redo log directory is filled up, the database hangs. One solution is
to automatically remove old archived redo logs after you copy them to tape.

The best solution is to ensure that you have enough disk space to hold all
archived redo logs for a few days, in the event that you have problems with
your tape devices.

If you want to ensure that your database will never hang, set up an automated
process (such as a cron job) to check the archive directory and remove the
oldest files if the directory is getting full. This can be done in many ways.
I like to use a cron job to set off a UNIX script. Some of these scripts can
be found in Oracle Press's "Oracle Backup and Recovery" books.

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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