Haris Kusumo (ikusumo@elixir.com.au) wrote:
: Hi,
: I am running oracle ver 7.2.2.x database on IBM RS/6K 970.
: I just enable archivelog on for backup and recovery purposes, so
: when the system crash I can recover it up to the last archivelog.
: but for some reason, after archivelog is enable the system seems to be
: very slow...
: does the archivelog generally use a lot of system resources?
: is there a way to set it so it doesn't uses alot of system resource?
: I though the information written to the archivelog is
: update/delete/insert not select. am I right ?
: I appreciated if you could e-mail me the reply to
: 	haris_kusumo@modusmedia.com or
: 	hkusumo@elixir.com.au
: since I can't get access to new at work.
: Thanks in advance
: - Haris -
Archivelog does not use up much resources. Your slower performance could
be due two three things:
1) You are putting your archive directory on the same drive as your redo
logs. This will be bad for performance, and should be put on a separate
drive, hopefully on a low-activity device.

2) Your redo log files are sized too small, and this is causing frequent
redo log switches. Increasing the size of all redo logs will improve this

3) Your archive volume's disk has filled up. If this is the case, your
database will more than slow down - it will effectively stop (except for
SELECT statements). Be sure to remove old archive logs daily,and monitor
your free space on the device with archive log files.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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