: I was surprised to learn that the default value for the parameter,
: COMPATIBLE is not the current release.  We are installing Oracle
: for the first time, we have release 7.3.2, are there any other
: parameters that must be set so we get the benefits of the release
: we purchased?  Is there a list of all the possible parameters and
: an example of setting each one?
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Since there are several hundred parameters, I will not attempt to explain
them all in this email. There are many books that explain most of the
important ones. I recommend "Oracle Performance Tuning" by O'Reilly. I
would recommend the book I am co-authoring "Oracle8 How-To" by
Macmillan/Waite Group,
but it won't be out until a few weeks.

To see all parameters, and an example of each, go into Server Manager
(svrmgrl), issue CONNECT INTERNAL, and then issue SHOW PARAMETERS.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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