> Hello Ari,
>      Our backup of the ORACLE users are taken through export utility, 
> with INDEXES=N option. This fastens the export process and also the 
> importing of data becomes easy whenever required. We then create the 
> indexes on the objects of the table. We have written a pl/sql code for 
> spooling the indexes of each user and submitted it as a job. This script 
> will create a spool file with the 'create index ....' statements, along 
> with all the other parameters for that index. The problem is , where 
> should we look for the parameter about  if the index created with 
> Regards,
> S.Rammya &
> T.R.Satheesh
> DBA - Sundaram Finance Limited, Madras

Greetings from the USA,

An easier method is to do "exp full=y INDEXFILE=cr_indexes.log".
The INDEXFILE will spool all CREATE INDEX statements (with storage parameters
and everything else) to the cr_indexes.log file. Note that Primary Keys are not

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant
Dave Falco  adds:

I admire people like yourself who offer their knowledge and experience
to assist others in such matters however your information should be
correct. There is no INDEXFILE option in the export utility. It only
exists in the import utility.
For this to be used, an export with the requires tables (schema) must
first be performed preferably with rows=n if doing this only for the
ddl statements. That export can then be used in the import to specify
the INDEXFILE parameter.

Thank you for your time.
David Falco.

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