On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Chan LL wrote:

> Hi,
> Need your advice about following questions:
> 1) For Oracle 7.1, if the hot-back job was not completed
>    successfully, the last last statment od the job is:
>    alter tablespace TBLSPC1 begin backup
>    Before shutdown the database, we need to issue the command        
>    "alter tablespace TBLSPC1 begin backup"  to end the backup
>    before shutdown the database. If not, will receive a message
>    "media need to recovery" after restart the database.

It should be "ALTER TABLESPACE TBLSPC1 END BACKUP" to end the backup
phase. Aside from that, you will need to do media recovery if the database
were shut down when any of the tablespaces are in "backup" mode. I do not
see any way around this.

>    Is there any way to restart the database without doing media
>    recovery to restart the database if this incidance happen?
> 2) I encounter problem to connect my PC to database server,
>    normally what is the cause of the problem? What is the log
>    file on the server can help trace for the problem beside
>    of the listener.log, sqlnet?      

The server may not have information on why the PC could not connect. Look
for a file called "SQLNET.LOG" on the PC that should have more

> 3) If there is problem with the network layer of the server,
>    can this cause the connectivity problem? Can the problem
>    be solved without rebooting the server? What is the name
>    of the log files to trace the network problem of the server?
>    (Digital Open VMS with DECNET)

For this question, I would suggest either contacting Oracle support (if
you have it), or posting
your question on the internet (comp.databases.oracle.misc). You can also post
it on the newsgroup via "www.dejanews.com".  

Best of luck,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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