Subject: Re: "ORA-01555 snapshot too old and ORA-01658 unable to create
References: <> (Richard C Haven) writes:
>We are getting these errors:
>01555: snapshot is too old; rollback segment number 4 with name "R03"
>too small
>01658: unable to create INITIAL extant for segment
>during SQL operations.
>Any ideas what causes this and workarounds?


For the ORA-1555, it appears that your rollback segment "R03" is too
small. You will need to use larger rollback segments. Drop and recreate
with a larger INITIAL and NEXT extents. Also, unless you specifically used
"R03" for the failed transaction, there is a good chance that your other
rollback segments are too small. Consider increasing the size of all
rollback segments.

For the ORA-1658, you could not create the object (table, index, etc.)
because it was too large for the amount of free "contiguous" space in the
tablespace. You can do one of two things:
1) Try recreating the object, but specify a smaller INITIAL size. This may
work for the short term, but it could leave you with a tablespace almost
completely filled. If the object grew in size, you run the risk of not
being able to get a new extent.
2) Add a datafile to your tablespace with sufficient room to fit your
object in.

Based on the two above errors, I would recommend reviewing all object
sizes and tablespace sizes. You may have made them too small.

Best of luck.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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