Anastasio ( wrote:
: We are using Oracle 7 on Unix and would like to see what the highest
: number of concurrent users has been. On an earlier version (PC platform)
: there was an entry in one of the log files that included a "High water
: mark" that would tell you that number. The only reference I can find to
: that "mark" now is for dataloading.
: Any suggestions?
: Thank you,
The following script will show the current logons, cumulative logons
(the number of users that connected since the database started), and
highwater mark (highest number of simultaneous users since the database

SELECT rpad(||':',11)||
       rpad(' current logons='||(to_number(b.sessions_current)-1),20)||
       'cumulative logons='||rpad(substr(a.value,1,10),10)||
       'highwater mark='||b.sessions_highwater Information
FROM v\$sysstat a, v\$license b, v\$database c
WHERE = 'logons cumulative'

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