Subject: Re: Oracle Server Manager
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 Werner Menges

>Hi all,

>  I tried to shutdown a running database with the
>  ServerManager svrmgrl (line mode tool) but it
>  was only possible to stop the database with 'shutdown abort'.

>  No other db client had connected the database and it's also
>  impossible to stop with 'shutdown immediate".

>  Our database version is

>  I would appreciate for any help?
>  Thanks in advance.

>  Werner

There are only a few reasons why the Oracle database will not "shutdown
immediate". First, if a user is in the process of logging in, the database
will wait for "logins to complete." For example, this will happen if someone
types "sqlplus" and leaves the computer at the "Username:" prompt.

Also, some "zombie" UNIX processes will hold the database up. Otherwise,
you have an Oracle bug and should contact support.

The first thing that you should investigate is for any trace files in the
bdump, cdump, udump directories. The alert_{SID}.log could also have the
reason included.

Good luck to you,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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