Subject: Re: Am I running out of extents (fragmentation)?
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Claudio Roca  writes:

>Simon Goland wrote:
>> Two tablespaces are giving problems to a user who cannot create more
>> tables. I ran the following query

>> Looking at the 'Free extents' I concluded that there is quite a bit of
>> fragmentation. So the solution is to do an export, drop the tablespaces,
>> recreate and import. Am I right? Is there anything else I should check
>> prior to this operation? It is somewhat strange to me because the
>> datafiles for these tablespaces are big - 2GB and 900MB (in the order
>> they appear above), and I don't think there is a lot of data in yet.
>> Maybe I should also modify some storage parameters for the tablespaces?
>> Thanks,
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>If your datafiles are very big i would suggest you not to drop the
>tablespace but export the tables and drop them, then import them and the
>tablespace wil have one contiguous block of free space.
>I think there's no need to drop the tablespace.
>Hope this will help you.


If you have Oracle 7.3, you can eliminate free space fragmentation on the
fly, while users are using the database! You can type:

alter tablespace XXX coalesce;

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