On Tue, 9 Feb 1999, Jayendra Jadhav wrote:
> Dear Mr. Ari Kaplan ,
>  I was surfing through the net for some oracle queries when i came
> accross some of your talks.
>  I want some help from you regarding Oracle6. We are having Oracle6
> which is working ON a VOS operating system. VOS is the proprietary OS of
> STRATUS. Now making VOS Y2K compliant is a very heavy caost for us. So
> as a solution for Year 2000 we are thinking of rolling back the date in
> the VOS OS by 4 years. We have confirmed regarding the VOS that it will
> not have any problem due to rollback. We are now very much concerned
> regarding Oracle.With you good experience with Oracle do you think there
> should be any problem with Oracle system or Database.
>  Please do write to me.
>  With best regards
>  Jayendra

There is a great article (several articles) on this month's (Jan/Feb 1999)
Oracle Magazine. It features all of the Y2K issues. For all information go to


"This site provides all that users need to know about the Y2K-compliance
status of Oracle's products. It contains information on Oracle Database
Server; Oracle development tools, including Designer and Developer; the
complete suite of Oracle Applications; and Oracle's other products".

It goes back to Oracle6.

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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