>      Help Help!!
>      A question:
>      I need to copy a database that is up to another server while it is 
>      still up.  The database is in archive mode.  How would I do this?  The 
>      filesystems will be different.  Thanks so much.  Rhonda.
There are three options:

1) Export database A in CONSISTENT=Y mode, ftp the export file to the new
   server. Create the database B, and import objects from the export file
   into database B. This will copy the database up to the point of the export.
   will make a script in the ../udump directory that will recreate control
   files. Shut down the database, ftp the datafiles to the new server, in the
   new filesystems. Modify the script in the ../udump directory to point to
   the new filesystems. Ftp the file to the new server and run it from
   Server Manager.
   If you don't want to shut down the originaldatabase, then you can mark
   tablespaces for hot backup, ftp the datafiles in the tablespace, and end
   the hot backup for the tablespace. Do this for each tablespace.
3) Create database B on the new server. You can create the objects by saying:
   CREATE table_a AS SELECT * FROM table_a@DATABASE_A;
   This will work as long as there are no LONG columns. Also, it will be
   harder since you'd have to do this for all tables, then copy over the
   indexes, grants, synonyms, procedures, packages, sequences, constraints,

Best of luck!

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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