> We are in the process of creating objects for our data warehouse
> database using Oracle 7.3 on an HP platform.  One of our table sizing
> estimates indicate that the total space needed for two years of data is
> 4.5G.
> What is the largest recommended size to specify in the create table
> storage clause for the inital and next parameters?
> Any help is appreciated.

The HP platform has a 2 gigabyte file limit. This means that your datafiles
cannot exceed 2 gigabytes, and thus your table extents. So, at most you can
have a 2G extent, another 2G extent, and a .5G extent.

However, I prefer to keep my tablespace datafiles 500M, for quickening recovery
times and moving datafiles around drives when needed.

For performance, you should consider using Oracle8's table partitioning for
large tables such as yours.

Best of luck,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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