Subject: Re: "Product user profile information not loaded"? Why?
References: <> (JosephS221) writes:

>I just created a new database under Oracle 7.2.3 on an AT&T 3000 box.
>When I set it as my ORACLE_SID, and invoke SQL*PLUS, I get the above
>message. It also messages me that:
>Table or view does not exist.
>Error in disabling roles in product user profile.
>What did I do wrong, and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance for your help!


The PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE table does not exist. You need to create it by
running the "pupbld.sql" file. It appears in the
$ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin directory. You need to run this as the SYSTEM
user. This should be run during all database creations.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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