Subject: Re: newbie.. start services/database
References: <5gbkem$> (jeff kish) writes:
>Sorry for this question, but our trained people just left and here I
>am in charge!!
>I have read the documentation and was wondering, what is the
>difference between starting the oracle services for a given SID and
>starting the database itself? The reason I ask is that when we do a
>backup, we stop the services, and after the backup is done we start
>the services again (automagically from a .bat file) under NT 3.51,
>Oracle 7.3.
>However when I get in in the morning, even though the services are
>started, the database won't respond until I stop and restart the
>Thanks for any knowledgeble replies and assistance!
>Jeff Kish
>Applied Image Technology


Look at how the database is started in the *.bat file. If it includes
"startup nomount" or "startup mount" as the final step, then the Oracle
background processes start (pmon, smon, dbwr, etc) bu the database will
not be available for people to access.

The last step of the startup script should be either "startup" or "alter
database open", the latter if the database has been started but not

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