On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, ALEXANDER A. FLORES wrote:

> i am new to oracle dba.....soon we will be
> installing oracle7.1(although it is an old version)
> to hp-unix10.01.....i would like to do it myself as much
> as possible.....i don't have any manuals yet.......how should i begin installing
> oracle7.1? what are the OS commands needed? assume i have installed the OS already.
> can you explain to me both using a CD-ROM media and
> a tape media for oracle......
> thank you very much........

Thanks for your very kind words.

Your Oracle 7.1 should come with an installation guide, which explains all
of the steps. Basically it goes like this:

1) Create Oracle environment variables (ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE,
ORACLE_SID, add $ORACLE_HOME/bin to your PATH, and set up LD_LIBRARY_PATH
to $ORACLE_HOME/lib)
2) Create your directory structure to be OFA compatible
3) Make a CREATE DATABASE script. There should be samples on the CD-ROM
4) Make the initSID.ora and configSID.ora files. Again, samples should be
   on the CD-ROM
5) Go to the CD-ROM and then the orainst directory. Run "orainst" and you
   will be prompted through installing the Oracle executables.     
6) When the executables are loaded, run "root.sh" as root.
7) Create your database with the CREATE DATABASE scripts.

Note that some versions of Oracle's installer can create sample databases
for you. I do not recall if 7.1 is one of them.

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