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Subject: Re: ORA-0729 on HP
References: <01bc35b1$8c5e3900$6a428ad0@pc060.groupZ.net>

"RYoung"  writes:
>I have been unable to locate this ORA primarily because the software manual
>is 2 states away. It continues with
>"ORA-0729: spcre: semget error. unable to get first semaphore set.
>HPUX ERR 28 No space on device"
>Am I running into a lack of semaphores and/or shared memory segments? There
>appears to be several hundred MB of space remaining on the drives, So the
>'no space' doesn't seem to refer to the drive. 
>Robert Young
>"Standard disclaimer for employee views..."


The 'no space left on device' refers to the memory allocation, not the
physical disk drives. What is going in is your "PROCESSES" parameter in
the init.ora file is to high for your HP machine.

You can either lower the processes parameter, or change the UNIX kernel
parameter "semmns". It is default to 128. This is rarely sufficient if you
have more than one instance running on your box, or a large instance.

If you have databases up and running, you can find out how many semaphores
(semmns) are being used by typing:

ipcs -b |grep oracle

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