On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, BJ Woodard wrote:

> Ari,
> I visited your page and enjoyed it very much.  The web page was well  
> laid out and had good information.  I am emailing you because you seem
> to be a highly proficient DBA.  I alas, am merely an accomplished Unix
> admin and a Oracle ignoramus.
> Due to some unforseen circumstances I have inhereited our current Oracle
> DBMS for the short term.  Today I received a request from two users to
> create read only access too all tables in our database.  I was able to
> create the users via the server manager.  However after spending much
> time scouring Oracle documentation I have been unable to determine what 
> definition needs to be set in order to allow global read access.  Could
> you possibly provide me with some enlightenment on how to accomplish
> this task?
> Any help you can provide would be most appreciative.  The task itself
> seems rather minor however finding the right information has proven to
> be anything but!
> Thanks,
> BJ Wooadrd
> AIX Administrator

Glad that you like my web page, and welcome to the world of Oracle!

To answer your question, what you need to do is grant privileges to
PUBLIC, which is the "global" access you are looking for.


will let EVERYONE see your table. They have to specify the owner's name to
view the data:
SELECT * FROM owner.table_name;
If you do not want users to specify the owner, then you will need to
CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM table_name FOR owner.table_name;

Now, all users need to do is reference the synonym:

SELECT * FROM table_name;

Hope that this helps!

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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