Jan Thomsen  writes:

>We have Personal Oracle installed here. We changed SYSTEM and SYS 
>passwords but not the DB password (default "oracle"). When shutting
>down the DB (with Database Manager) the DB password is required. 
>However, by now this password is not accepted. As well, it is not 
>possible to shut down the DB using the DBA with sys login, although
>sys has full DBA privileges;Oracle returns with "insufficient 
>privileges". Has anybody experienced the same problems and knows
>something to do against it?

>Thanks a lot
>Jan Thomsen and Laurence Geiger

Jan and Laurence,

Even though you tried shutting the database down with the "sys" account, 
and sys has "full" DBA privileges, the "sys" account cannot shut down the 
database. You must be connected INTERNAL to shut down the database. See 
the Oracle7 Server Administrator's Guide (page 1-4 in my book), and your 
installation and users guide for details.

Basically, INTERNAL is a special, powerful administrative account to 
startup and shutdown the database. It is the ONLY account that can do it. 
The one exception is if your operating system supports operating system 
roles; if so, you can grant OSOPER or OSDBA roles. Again, this is 
system-specific, and you should read up on it in your installation 
manuals before you try to use it.

Good luck!

-Ari Kaplan
Independet Oracle DBA Consultant

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