On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Grant Hofer wrote:

> Hey there Ari.  I came across the e-mail on your page, and I have a very
> simple question for you, if you'd be willing to help me out.
> Basically, I just need to know how to set sqlldr to use a tab delimiter,
> instead of (for example), comma's.  I've got a tab delimited file, but I
> don't know the syntax to get sqlldr to delimit by tabs.  I hate to bother
> you on Easter weekend, but I'm in kind of a bind, and I really need to
> figure this out.  Thanks very much for your time,
> Grant Hofer
> 3rd Year Information Systems Student, University of Calgary

Glad to help out. You need to use the "TERMINATED BY WHITESPACE" clause in
your SQL*Loader controlfile. According to Oracle's docs,

"If TERMINATED BY WHITESPACE is specified, data is read until the first
occurrence of a whitespace character (space, tab, newline). Then the current
position is advanced until no more adjacent whitespace characters are found. 
This allows field values to be delimited by varying amounts of whitespace."

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