On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, John Holland wrote:

> Ari,
>     I am hoping you have the answer to my question, since I can't find
> anything out
>     on Deja News or anywhere else.
>     Does Oracle have limitaions on users, tables, or tablespaces?  I am
> setting up a
>     central database server to serve many application servers, but I
> want to make
>     sure I am not doing this wrong.  My idea is to have the central
> database server
>     and to make it easier for backing up and for managing centrally.
> How big can
>     the maxdatafiles be?  I increased it up to 30 from 20 and I just
> want to make sure
>     I am not going down the wrong road.
>     Is this the wrong approach?  Would multiple database servers be a
> better idea?
>     Thank you for any help you can give me,
>     John
Hi John,

There are no limits on users or tables. From what I remember, Oracle7 is
limited to 1024 datafiles (and hence tablespaces of there is one datafile
for each tablespace). In Oracle8 the number of datafiles can be as many as
1 billion files.

Your init.ora file will define how many processes can connect to the
database, and your MAXDATAFILES in the CREATE DATABASE command will define
the number of datafiles for the database.

You are not going down the wrong road. I personally prefer to have a
central database and expand to multiple servers only if there is a
geographical reason (fast networks and people working in a distributed
environment around the world), or for redundancy issues for a failover
system. Certainly for 30 datafiles and even tens of thousands of users can
be handled by a single server. And yes, it makes backup (and even moreso
recovery) much easier to manager.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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