Subject: Re: System and temp tablespace
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Priya Tantry  writes:
>What are the implications of having the system tablespace and the temp
>tablespace files on the same physical disk. Does that, in any way,
>affect performance?
>Priya Tantry
>University of Qld

If you have enough drives to spread one file onto each drive, that would be
the most efficient. However, in most environments this will not be the case.

Putting SYSTEM and TEMP on the same disk will affect performance based on
several factors:

1) The SORT_AREA_SIZE will mostly determine how often the TEMP tablespace is
   used. If it is sufficiently large, then no temporary segments will be
   created and thus no problems putting SYSTEM and TEMP together.
2) How many objects are in TEMP? Most environments will not put any tables, etc
   in the TEMP tablespace. If this is not your environment, then depending
   on how much the TEMP tables are used will determine whether or not put 
   the TEMP and SYSTEM togethe on the same disk.
3) Most SYSTEM activity occurs during instance startup. This is when the data
   is read and (hopefully) cached in memory. So the largest performance hit
   when merging TEMP and SYSTEM on the same disk will be when the instance
   first comes up.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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