> Here are my questions: I want to move some objects -not all- from a
> user on instance A to another user's schema on instance B. The objects are
> tables indexes sequences, triggers, procs, etc...
> Can I do a USER export, take the resulting export file and import only a
> portion of it? I don't see how. Otherwise if I only export in TABLE MODE, I
> have the tables and indexes I want but NOT the sequences.
> If I use TABLE mode, is there an easy way to move the sequences from instance
> A to instance B while keeping the correct NEXT value for the sequence. If
> so, what kind of script do I need to do that?
> Thanks a LOT!

When exporting on the TABLE level, sequences are not included. Only when
you export with FULL=Y or OWNER=xxx will sequences get exported.

Your first question: can I export a user and import only part of it...the
answer is yes. Specify TABLES=a,b,c when you import. Not that you can only
select the TABLES to import; you cannot do the same for sequences,
procedures, etc.

If you want to bring over sequences: export the entire user, then do an
import with "SHOW=Y LOG=logfile.log" options. You will now have a file,
"logfile.log" which contains all of the CREATE SEQUENCE commands,
including what the current sequence numbers (and increments, etc.) are. Be
sure to remove the extra quotes and line feeds that the SHOW=Y generates.

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