Subject: Re: Set instance 2: command
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Yvonne Butler  writes:

>I have 3 instances running... but I can't seem to get the 
>"Set instance 2: [SID]" command working when I get into SQLDBA.
>I'm running in a Unix environment.



Look at the Oracle7 Server Utilities Guide, Pages 12-21, 12-23, and 12-25.
For those people that don't have the guide, it basically
says that the SET INSTANCE changes the DEFAULT instance for SQL*DBA 
sessions. It does NOT connect you to the database. The default instance
"is used for the STARTUP, SHUTDOWN, and CONNECT commands when no instance
is specified."

The syntax is as follows: node name, hyphen, database name:
INSTANCE home_office-main_database

If all you wanted to do was use SQL*DBA for your different SIDS, there is
a much easier method. Simply type:

export ORACLE_SID=sid-name

(substitute "sid-name" with the actual ORACLE_SID).

Then, go into SQL*DBA and connect!

Good luck....

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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