Subject: Re: ORA-06571
References: <5lfvc4$q3i$> (Lyle B Tiffany) writes:
>Oracle claims the following with the message "ORA-06571: Function XXX does
>not guarantee not to update database".
>   select XXX('one', 'two') from dual;
>But the function XXX does not really update any databases.  How in the world
>can I fool the Oracle?  The manual I have does not have the message number
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According to my documentatoion

06571, 00000, "Function %s does not guarantee not to update database"
// *Cause:  There are two possible causes for this message:
//          * A SQL statement references a packaged, PL/SQL function
//            that does not contain a pragma that prevents the database
//            from being updated.
//          * A SQL statement references a stand-alone, PL/SQL function
//            that contains an instruction to update the database.
// *Action: If the referenced function is a packaged, PL/SQL function:
//          Recreate the PL/SQL function with the required pragma; be
//          certain to include the 'Write No Database State' (WNDS)
//          argument in the argument list of the pragma.
//          If the referenced function is a stand-alone, PL/SQL function:
//          Do not use the function.

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