Subject: Re: Scheduled Hot Online Backups - HELP!!!

""  writes:
>I'm having severe problems setting up scheduled hot online backups.
>Here's what I've done.
>Installed Oracle7 Workgroup Server for WindowsNT 4.0 along
>with OEM 1.2.2 . The installation was carried out as per the manuals and
>Note:45412.1 from Oracle UK Response Centre (OEM 1.2.2 Installation and

>The Starter database ORCL was setup and running when I first logged in
>to OEM as the repository owner.  

>I wanted to do an online backup of the Orcl database and (its
>tablespaces), however the database was running in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

>I couldn't shutdown the database as DBA so I connected as internal and
>ran the following script:


>On logging back into OEM as the DBA, the ORCL database and Listner had
>red crosses through them so I couldn't schedule a backup job.

>I rang Oracle support, who suggested that I set up a shedule in NT using
>the AT command and run a batch file to log into Oracle and run a backup
>script.  This sounds like a less than optimal solution given that we are
>developers with a VB front end application who want to set up the backup
>process for a distant customer (without a dba) and not have to provide
>constant dba-style support.

>So here in a nutshell is what we want to do:

>Simple automatic online backups, preferably to a tape drive, requiring
>minimum support.

>I hope someone can help.

>Thanks to anyone who can.

It is not sufficient to "ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG" to start archiving.
You must also include:


in your init*.ora file. Be sure to sop and start your database for the
parameters to take effect.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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