> Hi Ari,
> I have enjoyed your talks @TCF for 2 years.  
> Here I have one question:
> I'm going to create one Instance (not the default one)
> on NT box.  Could you direct me to the right procedure
> or Web-link.
> Thanks.
> Alex Lin
Your Oracle program should have come with some documentation. Check the
CD-Rom. You can also look at "Oracle8: Beginner's Guide" or "Oracle:
Beginner's Guide" by Oracle Press. Also, my "Oracle8 How-To" has step-by-
step instructions on setting up an NT database.

Basically you use the "CREATE DATABASE" command to create the initial
SYSTEM tablespace, control files, and redo logs. You will need to have an
initSID.ora file with all needed parameters created. After the initial
creation, you need to create additional tablespaces, rollback segments, and
then run the "catalog.sql" script.

I know this is the much-shortened version, so I recommend looking at those
books. No Web pages come to mind.

Best of luck, and thanks for coming to my TCF speeches.


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