> 1. What should I know as a Oracle programmer apart from the
> subject(Oracle)...

This really depends on where you want to go with your career. If it's the
Internet, then learn Java, Perl, and CGI. If you want to do
Object-Oriented design then try Visual Basic or C++.
Regardless, make sure that you know SQL, how to do "Explain Plans", and

> 2.Is there any book/Website, where I can gain some knowledge about the
> computer world... ( For ex, My friend was talking about two tier and
> tier... I was sitting like, know nothing...So..To get some background
> knowledge about Oralce also).

There are hundreds of great books. Go to any bookstore and there are
entire sections geared towards the computer world. Also, keep up on the
news by getting magazines such as InfoWorld, Byte, and others so that you
will learn the "buzzwords". For beginners, the "For Dummies" series are
usually of high quality.

I would also suggest taking some classes, both in Oracle and in some
programming language. It sounds like you are a good self-starter, so go
get the books, load trial software (you can even get a free Oracle version
from, keep coming back to my web page, or check out other
web pages. Good ones are,,,,, and

Best of luck to you!

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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