Subject: Re: starting a job at specified intervals
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Jan Timmermans  writes:


>we have a simple database in ORACLE and each record contains a date of
>insertion. Now we want to automize the process of removing records after
>a certain time following there insertion. Is there a way to tell oracle
>to monitor the database and remove records that are too old.
>If you have any suggestions please mail me.


The way to do this depends on the operating system and the version of
Oracle. I can tell you how we do this at our site, which runs Oracle 
7.0.16 on a Unix platform.

We schedule a cron job (a Unix concept that runs a script at given times)
that deletes records from journal tables every day. To avoid using a
password in the script, we use sqldba and "connect internal". For this to
work, the cron job must be run by oracle (or a user in the "dba"  unix
group). The commands to run are redirected from standard input. An
example follows:

sqldba << EOF
connect internal;
       where INSERT_DT < sysdate - 5;

Good luck!

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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