> 1) Have you ever converted an Access database to an Oracle database?
> 2) Is it fairly straight forward?
> 3) What were some of the most problematic pitfalls?
> Hope all is well - when you are home and have some time, let Angela and
> I know and let's make lunch plans!
> Take care,
> Mary
I have converted Access databases to Oracle before. If you are just concerned
about the tables, you can export the tables (one at a time) to a flat file,
create the table in Oracle, and use SQL*Loader to load in the data.

You can get a description of each Access table by going into "Design" mode
for each table.

If you need more than just tables, this is where things get tricky with
Access. Similar to triggers and stored procedures, Access has "Macros". To
convert these, you pretty much have to understand Access macros and convert
them over painstakingly one at a time into Oracle triggers/procedures.

Also, Access has Forms (screens for data entry/data viewing). These you will
either have to convert to Oracle Developer 2000, or if you want you can
keep them in Access and create an "ODBC Link" within Access to the Oracle
database. If you don't want Access at all in the picture you can also convert
the forms to Visual Basic, Powerbuilder, or a host of other products.

The last conversion part is the Access queries. Luckily, they are pretty much
compatible with Oracle. You need to go to the Access Query tab, select a query
to convert to Oracle, go to design mode, and then go to SQL mode. You can
cut-and-paste the SQL to a text editor and use it for Oracle. There may be
some differences in formatting (such as variable substitution), but for the
most part is straightforward.

Hope that helps!


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