On Fri, 25 Jun 1999, Jen-Mei Wu wrote:

> I'll probably wait until our DBAs gets in to fix this problem (I do the
> systems and networking stuff), but I'm curious ...
> One of our databases won't open because it says one of the rollback segments
> (the last one specified in init.ora) doesn't exist. Seeing as the database
> was shutdown successfully a few hours before for a backup, couldn't we just
> remove this rollback segment from the parameter file? My understanding of
> rollback segments is that they're temprorary space to rollback current
> transactions; after a shutdown, there shouldn't be any, should there?
> Also, what might have caused this problem?
> Thanks!
> Jen


The rollback segments are "permanent" objects in the database ; that is,
they DO exist still when you shut down the database.

To temporarily solve your problem, change your init{ORACLE_SID}.ora file.
There is a line with a reference to all rollback segments. It will look
similar to:

rollback_Segments = (r01, r02, r03, r04, r_big)

Remove the reference to whichever rollback segment it is complaining about
and you should be able to start the database.

Somehow, this rollback segment got dropped. This can happen only if
someone explicitly drops the segment.

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