> Mr Kaplan,
> I have a couple of questions for you.
> The first is a simple Export / Import question.
> Does SQL Import require that the data be imported into a table having  
> the same name as the table from which the data was Exported? If yes, can 
> you please suggest a way of getting the data into a table with a 
> different name (without ever importing to a table having the same name)

Yes, the table has to have the same name. One thing you can do is make another
user account, and import using FROMUSER=oldaccount TOUSER=newaccount. Then
you will have the table (with the same name) owned by a second user. You can
then copy the table to the new table name as you desire.

> Secondly, if I have some triggers set up on a table, that write data to 
> another table whenever a triggering event (inser, update or delete) 
> occurs on the base table, then do the triggers get fired after a COMMIT 
> has been issued on the base table or do these get fired as soon as the 
> triggering event happens?
They get fired as soon as the triggering event happens, but for the database
to stay consistent the transaction (updates, inserts, deletes) do not become
visible by other users until there is a COMMIT (or rolled back with a ROLLBACK).

Take care,

-Ari Kaplan
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