Subject: Re: Q: How to reconfigure shared-memory segment size in Sun Solaris 2.5.1 kernel (SPARC)
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 htchen ( wrote:
: Hi! I am running Oracle 7.3.2 on a Sun SPARC 10.  While setting up for
: the first Designer/2000 repository,  I modified the following init.ora
: parameters for a particular database server instance to the values
: shown:
:         shared_pool_size = 18000000
:         db_block_buffers = 1000
:         global_names     = FALSE
:         open_cursors     = 200
:         processes        = 50.
: However, when I tried to re-start the database server instance, the
: following message was returned to me:
:         ORA-07331,smsnsg: unable to allocate the variable portion of the
: SGA.
: I assume I have to modify some parameters regarding shared-memory
: segments in the Solaris UNIX kernel.  Can someone share any information
: on how to resolve this problem?
: Thanks in advance.

Although your shared_pool_size and processes are fairly sized, your Sun
cannot handle it with its current configuration. It could be that you have
other instances running (in which case UNIX kernel parameters may need to
be increased). Regardless, try increasing the following UNIX parameters
and rebooting:

SHMMAX (in bytes, the largest size of shared memory Oracle can grab)
SHMINI (the max # of shared memory segments allowed) - in most cases this
is just one per Oracle instance.

If this fails, lower your shared_pool_area parameter until the Sun can
handle it.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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