Subject: Re: Dec Unix - Error on create TS datafile

In article <> you wrote:
: Hello.
: I hope someone out there has seen this problem and can offer some
: sugestions.  
: I have a Dec UNIX Alpha workstation ( one OS version down from most
: recent ) with Oracle 7.3.2 .  
: I attempted to create a new tablespace with a datafile of 200mb.  
: At 83mb of size the workstation crashed and I think generated a 
: core dump.  After reboot the datafile of 83mb existed but was not
: know by the database.  I deleted the file and ran the same create
: script with a 50mb datafile.  This succeeded.  I did notice that
: the system datafile was exactly 83mb ( seems like to much of a 
: coincidence to me)!  
: I did not personally install the OS or Oracle but I examined the 
: install log files and they see fine.  A quick glance at Kernel
: parameters appears to be o.k.    Any suggestion? My next step is
: to reinstall Oracle and relink all the products.  
: thanks for any help.
: Mark Haley


If you are using raw devices, then this could happen. If you or the UNIX admin
created a volume of 83 Megs, then when creating a 200M file (or anything > 83M
for that matter) it will crash at 83 Megs. If you create a smaller datafile
(50M in your case), it will still consume 83M of disk space, but only 50M of it
will be available to Oracle. The extra 33M will just be wasted.

So, make sure you are allocating the needed size if you are using raw partitions.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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