On Thu, 1 Jul 1999, hotman wrote:

> hi,Ari Kaplan
>     I am from China,and i am in the position of having to upgrade from
> Ingres 6.4 to Oracle 7.3/8.0,The main problem i am worrying about is
> How to convert my data in Ingres with tables,views and constrains....to
> Oracle database.At present we just consider the data converting,not include
> applications.
>     hotman@163.net
>     Can you give me some suggestions?I cordially appreciate your help.thanks!

"Nee How" from Chicago (I was in China last year)...

As for your question, I do not know Ingres. You will have to extract the
tables into an ASCII delimited file, so that it looks like:

column_1	column_2	column_3	column_4

Each column is separated by a {TAB}.
Then, you can use Oracle's SQL to create the table manually using CREATE
TABLE statements, such as the one below:

        (column_1 varchar2(100),
         column_2 number,
         column_3 varchar2(200),
         column_4 varchar2(50))

Once the tables are created, use SQL*Loader to load the data into the
table. You will need to build a controlfile first. If you do not know
SQL*Loader, then there is lots of documentation with the Oracle software,
or in many books available worldwide (Oracle Black Book, Oracle8 How-To,

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan
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