Subject: Re: Sequence Caches
References: <4rdsp4$> (John Dennis) writes:

>I'm trying to find how sequence are cached.  Specifically, are they
>per transaction or set of transactions.  So if a cache had a high
>cache size of 1000 with 5 users accessing the sequence would each user
>be given there own set of 1000 sequences or would the 5 users pull
>from the 1000?

>I'm trying to figure this out because I'd like to set my cache size
>high because I know that a session will use them but if each user pull
>this high amount then my sequence will increment quickly.

>Thanks for any input.


>John Dennis


The 5 users would all pull from the 1000 sequences. Otherwise, duplicate
sequence numbers might be generated for different users. Oracle will
allow all users pull from the sequences for data consistency.

Hope this helps, John.

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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