> Hi Ari
> Hope you can help me.
> Currently we are running Oracle Apps and is exporting some of the tables,
> including data, to an OLAP server. Is it possible to export only the new data
> instead of exporting all the data each time.
> I've read a question being asked by someone about datawarehousing that you
> replied on. That is how i found out about you.
> e-mail  :  choppie.pieterse@tmb.co.za
> Thanks for your help. 
> Choppie


Thanks for thinking of me to answer your question, and greetings from
Chicago. I am guessing that .za is in Africa, where I have always wanted
to visit.

Anyway, you can't export part of a table, unfortunately. Even with
"incremental" exports, if ONE record in a table has changed, the Export
utility exports the ENTIRE table. Pretty efficient, huh :)

The only suggestion I have is to convert the table to a partitioned table,
based on the date inserted. Then, you can export only the partitions are
defined on the "new" date. It's more headache and overhead, but it will
surely speed up your exports.

Best regards,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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