> We are currently looking at OADW or DWBuilder toolsets. But we dont think
> the company will spend that amount of money for now.  Is there any other
> suggestions -  we are transferring 80 tables compressing them with the
> result being 800MB compressed file, which we then import into an 7.3.4
> database.
> Timing of import is a problem for us.
The suggestions I have to improve exports and imports:

* Export your data to a file on a drive separate from the datafiles and
redo logs to reduce disk contention
* Export tables concurrently with multiple exports such as the following
two commands:

exp tables=OWNER.TABLE1,OWNER.TABLE2,OWNER.TABLE3 userid=x/y file=file1.dmp &
exp tables=OWNER.TABLE4,OWNER.TABLE5,OWNER.TABLE6 userid=x/y file=file2.dmp &

* Import with COMMIT=Y and play with the BUFFER size to improve performance.
* Check your redo log size. I have changed redo logs alone to improve
imports by 200%!

Hope that this helps,

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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