Subject: Re: Oracle EXPORT re: Tables only
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>Can anyone help on exporting only certain tables.  We are running under
>Sun OS 2.0 (soon to be Solaris 2.4) and Oracle 7.1.4 (soon to be
> We need the ability to export only the data tables.  We also are running
>an HRMS  Peoplesoft database (4.0) and would like to export (and import)
>only the data tables, not the Peopletools tables (i.e. PSRECDEFN, etc).
>Any help will be much appreciated.

>Natalie Faino


The "export" utility is very flexible for what you want to do. Use the 
"TABLES=" option. For instance, try:

exp TABLES=data_table1,data_table2,data_table3

You can also type "exp help=y" for more options and syntax.
Good luck!

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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