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Subject:	?Oracle Import of DBF'S?

I am not sure why you would want to help me... but here goes anyway...

We run Oracle 7.3 in-house and want to import data stored in Oracle6
dbf files. Is there an easy way to go straight from the DBF into Oracle 7
without first exporting the data to a DMP file.  (It would save us a ton of work
if we could).

The reason I am asking is because we don't have any Oracle Guru's in house
and I don't have any documentation on Oracle 6 format tables.

Thanks in advance.

JStauft (M.B.A.  B.A.Sc.)
The easiest way to copy the data is to export from Oracle6 and import into
The other method, which is generally more tedious, is to make a database link to
the schema in Oracle6. Then, you can say:


You will have to repeat this for each table contained in the DBF file. You also
need to carry over indexes, grants, synonyms, constraints, triggers, and so on.
This is why I prefer the straight export/import.


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