Subject: Re: Help!! Object does not exist
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>In <>, Joe Brouillette  writes:
>>I am stumped.
>>A developer used a MS/Access internal procedure to generate a temporary
>>table and now we cannot remove the table from the database.
>>when logged on as the user and query user_tables The table is listed, but
>>when we try to drop the table Oracle states that the object does not
>>I have logged on as sys and the owner & table is present in the
>>dba_tables view, but I cannot drop the table as sys either, I also
>>receive the same message of the Object does not exist.
>>Thanks for your assistance.

>Does the table's name have mixed or lower case letters?  If so, you will have
>to reference it by surrounding it with quotes. For example:

>  drop table Temp_Table;    -- will not work

>  drop table "Temp_Table";  -- will work


M.Landa and Joe,

There is a good chance that specifying the table in quotes for lower-case 
will work. If, however, it doesn't, there are two things to check:

1) Make sure that you are logged in as the user. When you were logged in as
SYS and tried to drop another user's table, it failed. Try:

2) The object might be a view and not a table. Try:

Hope this helps!

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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