> Hi Ari,
> I am a big fan of your home page ( especially the part in which your
> trouble shoot all the DBA problems.)
> 	Ari, I was an Oracle developer for 3 years and I am entering
> the DBA areana slowly. Eventhough the transformation is not seamless
> I am trying my best. Recently I have tried to recreate a TEMP
> tablespace. I have removed the datafile instead of droping the
> tablespace first, now I am unable to drop the tablespace because it
> it asking for the file. I tried creating an index with this problem
> and had a DBWR error. When I tried to restart the database it is 
> asking for the removed datafile with ora 1157 error.
> If you have a few minutes for me could you please advise me what to do.
> Thank you in advance for saving my job.
> Kishore................kxa@qsun.att.com

I hope this saves your job.... :)

Do the following steps and you will be able to restart your database:

1) Connect to SQL*DBA or Server Manager and issue "shutdown abort"
2) Issue "startup mount" command
3) Issue the following command, substituting the correct datafile
   (such as /u01/oradata/temp01.dbf):

   alter database datafile '/u01/oradata/temp01.dbf' offline drop;
4) alter database open;
   (Your database is now up!!!)
5) drop tablespace TEMP including contents;

Good luck on the DBA job!

-Ari Kaplan
Independent Oracle DBA Consultant

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